Hello, my name is Corinne.  I was born, raised, and educated in the 

Philippines but have been living in Melbourne, Australia since January of 

2001.  I am the one-woman workforce behind Frosted Heaven.

     I am an internet and book-taught homebaker and by no means, a 

professional baker and /or cake decorator.  I have never attended any baking 

class in my life.  My greatest inspiration are my aunts, who baked every cake 

and pastry for my family for every occasion when I was growing up.

      Although I bake for my family every now and then, I never imagined 

would be doing so for anyone other than them. On the 27th of October of 

2009, on my mother’s first birthday after her passing, I made my first ever 

batch of red velvet cupcakes.  They were surprisingly a big hit!  Soon after, my 

family started encouraging me to offer my baked goods to others.  Frosted 

Heaven began with those cupcakes and I know, with complete certainty, that 

it was my mother’s way of telling me that she was still looking after me.

     I’m all for old-fashioned and traditional.  My cakes may be imperfect but 

they will hopefully remind you of cakes from your own homes that you 

yourselves loved and grew up with!

     Thanks and enjoy!

2012-17 Copyright Frosted Heaven. All rights reserved. 

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