Ordering and Delivery

Do we have to pay for our order in advance?

No. Payment is only required upon pick-up.

How long in advance should we order our cake/cupcakes?

For standard cakes and cupcakes, allow at least 5 days notice prior to the date of order.

We may accept orders with shorter notice but it depends on our work volume at the time.  We also reserve the right to reject an order if we are already overbooked.

Do you deliver?

We do not deliver our cakes unless under special circumstances. Pick-up is from our home at 26 Freeland Grove, Jacana, Victoria 3047.

Customized Decorations

Do you make customized decorations?

Simple customized decorations may be accepted for an extra cost.  However, we no longer mould figures (especially licensed characters).


How do you package your cakes/cupcakes?

All cakes are supported by sturdy cake boards and come boxed. Cupcakes are likewise boxed, but in cases where transport safety can be an issue, we can lend out our cupcake carriers for free, provided they are properly handled and returned to us promptly.

Storage and Serving

Do we have to refrigerate the cakes?

Cakes and cupcakes can generally be left in their boxes on the counter overnight. However, for cakes with fruits, whipped cream, cream cheese frosting, custards and the like, we would recommend refrigeration.

What is the best way to serve cakes?

Most cakes are best served at ROOM TEMPERATURE. Allow cupcakes to come to room temperature for about 15-30 minutes and cakes for about 2 hours before serving. Just remember, however, that some cakes may become too soft under warm weather.


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